Host your slides on the WebMicroscope
WebMicroscope can host slide sets on a cost-recovery basis, for example for seminar sessions on congresses or meetings. We provide a web based administration interface so that you can edit case backgrounds, slide descriptions, diagnoses, discussion forums etc yourself. The slides can also be annotated with vector graphics. Web pages with virtual slides can be public, or they can be password protected. You can also integrate WebMicroscope pages (or only slides) into your own web site.

Digitization of slides
If you do not have access to a slide scanner, you can mail us your glass slides for scanning, also on a cost-recovery basis. The slides will be returned to you after scanning. If you have a scanner of your own, you can upload, mail, or let us download your image files.

Your own WebMicroscope server
The WebMicroscope Server Solution is a complete software package for virtual microscopy. When you install the server software at a local server, the whole campus area will enjoy superb  viewing speeds, and you are automatically also connected to the virtual microscopy network.

The hardware requirements on a virtual slide server are low. A moderately powerful PC computer running Microsoft IIS, with an open connection to the internet will suffice. Installation, support and upgrades of the software can be done through a remote desktop connection from Helsinki. No HTML editing is needed. There are no limits on the number of virtual slides that can be hosted by your own server.

The WebMicroscope administration platform includes complete options to add virtual slides and their related information into applications such as slide seminars, atlases, quizzes, exams, second opinion etc.

Quality Assurance
We have a long-time collaboration with Labquality Inc for arranging external quality assurance for laboratories. Please contact Labquality for participation and scheme information.

We have also conducted quality assurance in collaboration with other organizations, such as the ERSPC. Please contact us if you have ideas on potential new projects.

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