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Tuesday slide seminar, September 28th 2010
Prof. Anja Kipar
School of Veterinary Science,
University of Liverpool,
Liverpool L69 3BX, United Kingdom

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Case 1 - Dog
An 8-year old, male Staffordshire Bull Terrier was euthanased with clinical signs of chronic renal disease, hepatopathy and suspected meningioma (extra-axial forebrain lesion on MRI). It was submitted for necropsy. On gross examination, variably sized, white, moderately firm masses were present in the liver, kidneys, prostate, cerebrum, pancreas and lungs.
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Case 2 - Horse
A nodular skin lesion was surgically removed and submitted for histopathological diagnosis.
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Case 3 - Cat
A young, male neutered Domestic Longhair cat had a history of weight loss, anorexia, anaemia, abdominal pain, jaundice and pyrexia. It was euthanased based on the clinical suspicion of feline infectious peritonitis, a fatal, Feline Coronavirus-induced systemic disease. Post mortem tissue samples were submitted for histopathological examination and confirmation of the disease.
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Case 4 - Rat
A wild caught juvenile rat was routinely necropsied for the assessment of pathological changes. The liver exhibited a multinodular surface and firm consistency. A histological specimen from the liver is provided.
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Case 5 - Mouse
As part of a forensic study untreated control mice were examined. A liver section is provided and should be assessed histologically.

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