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Tuesday slide seminar, October 26th 2010
Päivi Heikkilä
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
62 F. A palpable tumor in the right breast. Mammography shows a spicular lesion. A core needle biopsy is taken from the breast tumor. The patient also has a tumor in the lung.
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Case 2
62 M. Prostatic adenocarcinoma was operated a year ago. Now the patient has a hypoechogenic, heterogenic and lobulated tumor above mamilla in the left breast. The specimen is a core needle biopsy from the breast lesion. In addition to that, the patient also has a lung tumor.
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Case 3
68 F. A painful tumor from the left breast. The tumor has grown rapidly, and treated with antimicrobial agents as an inflammatory mastitis. Mammography reveals a lesion larger than 4 cm, and is suspect for malignancy. There are no signs of metastatic spread. A core needle biopsy is taken from the breast lesion.
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Case 4
62 F. Mammographically malignant tumor is located in the lateral part of the left breast. A core needle biopsy is taken from the tumor.
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Case 5
80 F. A core needle biopsy is taken from the longish tumor-like lesion from the right breast.
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Case 6
70 F. A tumor was removed a year ago from the left antebrachium without PAD. Now a new lesion was found in same region with a diagnosis of metastatic malignant melanoma. Axillary clearance showed also metastatic nodes. Now the left breast hard and the mamilla is restricted. A core needle biopsy is taken from hard area of the breast.

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