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Tuesday slide seminar, October 23rd 2012
Hannu Sariola
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
19 M. Stage IV yolk sac tumor from left testis. Metastases in retroperitoneum, lungs and liver. Tumor growth also in v. cava. After four rounds of sytostatics resection of tumor thrombosis from vena cava. 1c. V. cava thrombosis, 2c. abdominal lymph node.
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Case 2
H11+. Taken to the hospital because of bleeding. Aborted material as a histological sample. Macroscopically empty sac.
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Case 3
6 y child. A tumor in the back of the hand.
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Case 4
19 M. All clinical information: colon. Histological sample and c-kit immunohistochemistry from colon.
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Case 5
15 F. Cystic fibrosis. Lung transplantation in 2009 after which immunosuppression. Comes to childrens hospital because of headache and eye symptoms. High titer EBV viremia. Large tumor masses were found intra-abdominally and in the orbita. Sample from abdominal cavity.
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Case 6
1 y 4 m. Large renal tumor. Sample from the nephrectomy preparate.

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