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Tuesday slide seminar, April 20th 2010
Pekka Laurila
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

Slide 1  
Case 1
Female 28 years. Loop conization performed 1 year ago. Control PAP-smear.
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Case 2
Female 40 years. Mass screening pap-smear.
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Case 3
Female 50 years. Mass screening pap smear. No previous history of abnormalities.
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Case 4
Female 30 years. recurrent abnormal pap smears. Now a control pap smear.
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Case 5
Female 67 years. Recurrent mild abnormal changes in pap smears. Repeat smear.
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Case 6
Female 40 years. Mass screening pap smear.

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