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Tuesday slide seminar, March 20th 2012
Veli-Pekka Lehto
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

Slide 1  
Case 1
55 F. Cystic tumor in the caput region of pancreas.
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Case 2
72 M. Upper abdominal mass. Radiologically suggestive of GIST. Total pancreatectomy.
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Case 3
75 F. Retroperitoneal tumor. Para-aortic. Paroxysmal hypertensive attacks.
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Case 4
69 F. Abdominal cystic tumor closely associated with stomach.
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Case 5
57 M. Tumor of a diameter of 4cm detected radiologically. Pancreatectomy. Swelling in the papillary (Vater) area.

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