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Tuesday slide seminar, April 13th 2010
Mikko Rönty
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

Slide 1  
Case 1
18 M. A 16x11 cm pigmented skin lesion in the shoulder region.


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Case 2
69 M. A recurrent subcutaneous tumour in the neck. Operated for the first time in 2003.


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Case 3
44 F. A rapidly progressing pulmonary infection. Autopsy specimen from the lung.
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Case 4
47 F. Lung biopsy from the right upper lobe.


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Case 5
42 M. A tumour in the left lung and pleura.


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Case 6
43 F. Low grade endometrial stromal sarcoma + a 3 cm lung tumour. Biopsy from the lung tumour.


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