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Tuesday slide seminar, May 11th 2010
Mirkka Pennanen
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
74 M. The patient had “a neoplasm” in colon descendens. A hemicolectomy was performed. Macroscopically, the wall of the intestine was bulging to the lumen in c. descendens. The histological sample is from that area.


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Case 2
65 M. Peritonitis. An emergency laparotomy was performed, whereby the sigmoid colon was resected. There was diverticulosis, but no apperent perforation. The peritoneal surface was nodular.


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Case 3
52 F.Hysterectomy was performed due to a submucosal leiomyoma. The 160 g uterus had a 2 cm submucosal leiomyoma.


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Case 4
38 F. A year and a half ago “atypical glandular cells, NOS” were diagnosed in cervical cytology smear. There were no diagnostic findings in cervical biopsies. A repeated cytological sample was taken, DG: “atypical endocervical cells, favor neoplastic”. The pathologist suggested diagnostic cone biopsy, because the cytological findings had not been verified histologically. A year later conisation was finally performed.


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Case 5
83 M. A lesion had been excised from the skin of the posterior side of the left shoulder 40 years ago. Now, a new lesion has appeared at the same location.


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