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Tuesday slide seminar, October 9th 2012
Mirkka Pennanen
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
39 M. The patient had suffered from severe abdominal pain and loss of appetite for a month. On abdominal CT-scan, 11 x 7 cm tumor was detected in the mesentery of jejunum. Lymphoma was suspected. In laparotomy, 50 cm segment of jejunum, its mesentery and the tumor were resected. Specimens are from the tumor and jejunum.
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Case 2
57 M. A year earlier, esophagitis and Barret esophagus had been diagnosed. Now, a follow-up gastroscopy is made. The biopsies are from esophagus: 31 cm, 29 cm and 27 cm.
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Case 3
48 M. The skin of scrotum has been swollen and thick for a couple of months. The specimen is from scrotum.
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Case 4
73 F. The patient has had urgency incontinence and dysuria. In cystoscopy, the bladder mucosa is reddish.
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Case 5
53 F. The patient has suffered from abdominal pain and changing bowel function. In colonoscopy, only a small polyp is detected in the lower part of rectum.

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