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Tuesday slide seminar, March 8th 2011
Maria Laari
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
58 F. Superficial spreading melanoma (Breslow 0,4) operated 2008 from left arm. In 2009 enlarged lymph nodes found from neck region. Now dorsal ridge biopsy as staging evaluation.


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Case 2
61 M. Earlier only hypertension. Now hospitalized because of fever and short of breath/coughing. C-reactive protein (CRP) 82. Blood count revealed pancytopenia: haemoglobin 72, white blood cells 1,9, trombocytes 38. Enlarged spleen. Dorsal ridge biopsy.


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Case 3
32 F. Earlier quite healthy. Now enlarged lymph nodes about neck region. Fine needle aspiration could not rule out lymphoma. Now dorsal ridge biopsy as staging evaluation.


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Case 4
45 F. In 2008 was found anaemic, haemoglobin about 100, mild leukopenia, trombocyte count normal. In a years time macrocytic anaemia got worse and required red blood cell transfusions. Dorsal ridge biopsy.


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Case 5
76 F. Breast cancer operated from left breast in 2000, tamoxifen therapy for five years. In 2006 breast cancer in right breast. Went through surgery and postoperative radiation therapy. Has had anaemia for quite a long time, also thrombocytosis. Now anaemia got worse. Dorsal ridge biopsy.


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