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Tuesday slide seminar, March 6th 2012
Leila Jeskanen
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

Slide 1  
Case 1
9 years girl. Small fibrous papules on the nose.

 Diagnosis & discussion

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Case 2
75 M. Lower legs have been swollen for a long time. Fibrous papules on the feet.

 Diagnosis & discussion

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Case 3
59 M. Dialysis treatment for kidney disease. Fibrous skin and subcutaneous nodules in the arms.

 Diagnosis & discussion

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Case 4
59 F. Breast cancer was treated one year ago from the right breast. Afterwards the skin in the right breast became brown and hard.

 Diagnosis & discussion

Slide 1  
Case 5
3 years girl. Fibrous, linear eruptions in the arms.

 Diagnosis & discussion

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