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Tuesday slide seminar, April 5th 2011
Jouko Lohi
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
0 M. A neonate was born prematurely at week 33+2 of pregnancy with a protruding blueish subcutaneous tumor of 4 cm diameter in the right thigh. Core needle biopsy.
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Case 2
15 M. Several subcutaneous nodules in hands and feet. A nodule from the dorsum of right hand was removed for examination.
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Case 3
0,5 M. Recurring ear infections and respiratory problems. MRI studies reveal a poorly circumscribed mass extending from base of skull and vertebral column to nasopharynx and tonsillar region.
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Case 4
9 F. Subcutaneous mobile tumor on 5th rib in the back.
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Case 5
2 F. Large cystic tumor in the lower lobe of the right lung.
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Case 6
5 M. Oligoarthritis. Diarrhea, elevated calprotectin, IBD suspected. Colon biopsies.

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