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Tuesday slide seminar, October 4th 2011
Elina Virolainen
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
25 F. A follicular adenoma was resected from the right lobe of thyroid. A piece of tissue were removed behind the right lobe, Zuckerkandl´s body?


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Case 2
51 M. Anemia, hypoalbuminemia, a severe enteropathy in duodenum in gastroscopy. Diagnosis? Duodenum biopsy, AB-PAS staining.


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Case 3
37 M. A tumour has grown on the back of the previously healthy man during the last half a year. The tumour was resected, it was located quite deep in subcutis.


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Case 4
74 F. A large lymph node in axilla, no tumor in breast. A Biopsy from the node.


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Case 5
82 F. An Abdominal tumour near pancreas. A Biopsy from the tumour.


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