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Tuesday slide seminar, October 2nd 2012
Anders Paetau
Division of Pathology, HUSLAB, University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

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Case 1
57 M. Gradually increasing weakness, mainly in the arms, subsequently also respiratory distress, interpreted as COPD. Nocturnal sudden death, forensic autopsy specimen incl. tounge, intercostal muscle and diaphragm.
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Case 2
65 M. Gradually difficulties in walking, slightly increased CK and signs of some spinal stenosis at L4-5 level. Biopsy from left gastrocnemius.
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Case 3
20 M. Progressive muscular weakness, starting 6 yrs age. Some signs of cardiac involvement. Biopsy from vastus lateralis.
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Case 4
59 F. Polymyalgia rheumatica diagnosed some years ago, now during dminished steroid therapy developed temporal tenderness. Temporal artery biopsy.
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Case 5
75 M. Followed since 2008 because of a lateral supratentorial meningioma (MRI-diagnosis). During the last months signs of rapid growth. Gross tumour resection.
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Case 6
28 F. Epileptic seizure, MRI reveals an enhancing partly cystic mass, which is resected. He-smear from intra-operative specimen.
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Case 7
55 F. SNUC treated with BNCT, initially favourable response. Now 18 months later frontobasally signs of intracranial and intra-axial growth bilaterally. Partial resection.

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