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International Academy of Pathology (IAP), Finland
Slide seminar May 2005 - Head and Neck Pathology

Pia Boström, University Central Hospital, Turku


Area 1  
Area 2  
Case 1
Previously healthy woman, 24 years. Last year an extensive work-up was performed because of diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and malaise. Thorough examination of gastro-intestinal tract was done with no positive findings. Thereafter, persistent malaise and nocturnal sweating with no fever. Six weeks ago palpable lymph node was found in cervical region.
Area 1  
Case 2
Woman, 78 years. Enlarged thyroid gland with hard left lobe.
Area 1  
Area 2  
Case 3
Woman, 60 years. Two month fullness submentally and palpable bilobular submandibular gland which is anteriorly solid and hard. Warthin´s duct was open for probe at 45mm; yield: transparent saliva.
Area 1  
Case 4
Man, 40 years. One month ago, a palpable tumor appeared in left mandibular region with no response to antimicrobial therapy. On ultrasonography an unhomogenous 5 cm cluster of apparent lymph was nodes detected.
Area 1  
Case 5
Woman, 57 years. Her uterus had been removed 25 years previously due to angiomyosarcoma. A pair of symptomless subcutaneous tumours with diameters of 6 and 2 cm had appeared cervically.
Area 1  
Case 6
Woman, 64 years. Preauricular lump. Ultrasonographically unhomogenous bilobular circumscribed tumor could be seen.

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