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Virtual microscopy

Lundin M, Lundin J, Isola J. Virtual Microscopy: applications in diagnostic pathology. Journal of Clinical Pathology. 2004;57:1250-1251.

PubMed Free

Lundin M, Lundin J, Helin H, Isola J. A digital atlas of breast pathology: An application of web-based virtual microscopy. Journal of Clinical Pathology. 2004;57:1288-1291.

PubMed Free

Helin H, Lundin M, Lundin J, Martikainen P, Tammela T, Helin H, van der Kwast T, Isola J. Web-based virtual microscopy in teaching and standardizing Gleason grading. Hum Pathol. 2005 Apr;36(4):381-6

PubMed Full

Lundin M, Nordling S, Lundin J, Isola J, Wiksten JP, Haglund C. Epithelial syndecan-1 expression is associated with stage and grade in colorectal cancer. Oncology. 2005;68(4-6):306-13.

PubMed Full

Helin H, Lundin M, Laakso M, Lundin J, Helin H, Isola J. Virtual microscopy in prostate histopathology: simultaneous viewing of biopsies stained sequentially with hematoxylin and eosin, and alpha-methylacyl-coenzyme A racemase/p63 immunohistochemistry. Journal of Urology. 2006 Feb;175(2):495-9

PubMed Full

Konsti J, Lundin J, Jumppanen M, Lundin M, Viitanen A, Isola J. Development and evaluation of a public-domain, web-based tool for automated quantification of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) signals. Journal of Clinical Pathology. 2007 Aug 10


Lundin M, Lundin J and Isola J. Webb-baserad virtuell mikroskopi. Finska Lkaresllskapets Handlingar 2004;164:21-25. (In Swedish)


Other publications by our research group (selected)

Lundin J, Lundin M, Isola J, Joensuu H. A web-based system for individualized
survival estimation in breast cancer. BMJ 2003;326:29.

Joensuu H, Lehtimaki T, Holli K, Elomaa L, Turpeenniemi-Hujanen T, Kataja V,
Anttila A, Lundin M, Isola J, Lundin J. Risk for distant recurrence of breast cancer
detected by mammography screening or other methods. JAMA. 2004 Sep 1;292(9):


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