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  Normal breast
  Non-neoplastic lesions
  Benign epithelial

  Tumors of the nipple

  Lobular neoplasia

  Intraductal prolifera-
   tive lesions

  Invasive epithelial


  Mesenchymal tumors

  Hematopoetic and
   metastatic tumors

  IH-stainings, TMAs,
   FISH and CISH

Documentation / Publications
The contents of the atlas and the virtual microscopy technology
have been described in the journal article:

     Lundin M, Lundin J, Helin H and Isola J. A digital atlas of breast
     histopathology: An application of web-based virtual microscopy.
     J Clin Path 2004;57:1288-1291.

The article is available as:

   A free full-text pdf/html document   (from the journal website - click
      the pdf link in the right marginal to access full-text document)

   The Medline abstract at PubMed

An accompanying Editorial was published in the same issue:

     Lundin M, Lundin J, Isola J. Virtual microscopy - Applications in
     diagnostic pathology. J Clin Path 2004;57:1250-1251.

The Editorial is available as:

   A free full-text pdf/html document   (from the journal website)
Supplemental information to the article in the J Clin Pathol  

   Image acquisition
   Image processing
   The image server, image indexing and network protocol
   The web-site and the viewing interface
   The quality and size of the monitor
   Connection speeds and speed testing
 Specimens and classification system 
 List of slide contributors  
 Acknowledgements (coming soon)
For more information please contact the authors:

Authors of the atlas / contact page


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