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  Normal breast
  Non-neoplastic lesions
  Benign epithelial

  Tumors of the nipple

  Lobular neoplasia

  Intraductal prolifera-
   tive lesions

  Invasive epithelial


  Mesenchymal tumors

  Hematopoetic and
   metastatic tumors

  IH-stainings, TMAs,
   FISH and CISH

The present virtual microscopy atlas currently features more than 150 digitized slides accompanied by concise descrip-
tions. The atlas follows the recently published WHO classifica-
tion of tumors of the breast (IARC Press, 2003).     More info

FISH and CISH samples added to the IH section
Atlas described in December issue of Journal of
Clinical Pathology, with accompanying Editorial (full-text pdfs available).
New view interface released, including contr & brightness          adjustment.

Before you start
The virtual slides can be viewed on a standa
rd Windows PC with MS Internet Explorer or FireFox. Mac and Linux support will be added in the near future.

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Quiz mode
View slides as unknown and test your skills in assessing the diagnosis.

Make your personal set of annotations and share findings with colleagues
Research centers
Institute of Medical Technology, University of Tampere, Finland
Biomedical Informatics Group, HUCH Clinical Research Institute,
Helsinki, Finland.

Centre for Laboratory Medicine, TAYS, Tampere, Finland.                  More info

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