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  Normal breast
  Non-neoplastic lesions
  Benign epithelial

  Tumors of the nipple

  Lobular neoplasia

  Intraductal prolifera-
   tive lesions

  Invasive epithelial


  Mesenchymal tumors

  Hematopoetic and
   metastatic tumors

  IH-stainings, TMAs,
   FISH and CISH

Authors of the atlas, research centers and contact information

Jorma Isola is a professor of cancer biology at the IMT. He is the author of ~ 170 original articles, mainly within molecular cytogene-tics and pathobiology of breast and prostate cancer.

Mikael Lundin is a re-
searcher within the field of biomedical informatics. He is also the developer and administrator of several web sites within this field.

Heikki Helin is a senior clinical pathologist. He was head of the pathology de-
partment at the TAUH at the time of writing, but has since moved to Univ. of Helsinki (dpt. Pathology)

Johan Lundin is a senior lecturer in biomedical infor-
matics and head of the Biomedical Informatics Group. He is an admini-
strator of the
FinProg study.

primed.info is the main web site of the Biomedical Informatics Group. The Primed web servers hosting the WebMicroscope site are connected to the Funet University network.
The Clinical Research Institute HUCH specializes in providing administrative services needed for medical research.
Institute of Medical Technology is a research oriented institution and part of the University of Tampere.
Centre for laboratory medicine, Tampere University Hospital, is the organization under which the Department of Pathology is administered.
Contact information
Email:   breastatlas@WebMicroscope.net

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