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  Normal breast
  Non-neoplastic lesions
  Benign epithelial

  Tumors of the nipple

  Lobular neoplasia

  Intraductal prolifera-
   tive lesions

  Invasive epithelial


  Mesenchymal tumors

  Hematopoetic and
   metastatic tumors

  IH-stainings, TMAs,
   FISH and CISH

Making personal annotations
Annotations are made within the
image viewing window.

All annotations remain loaded until
you close this main browser window.

More info
 appear here

Save your annotations
When you have made annotations, you can bookmark them in your browser:

Define a special bookmark here 

Other ways to save annotations

Load annotations
Open the bookmarked web adress in your browser, the annotations will load automatically.

Other ways to load annotations

Your current annotations
When you have made or loaded slide annotations you can get a listing of them here. Annotations can be opened, edited or deleted.
                           Personal annotations listing

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