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  Normal breast
  Non-neoplastic lesions
  Benign epithelial

  Tumors of the nipple

  Lobular neoplasia

  Intraductal prolifera-
   tive lesions

  Invasive epithelial


  Mesenchymal tumors

  Hematopoetic and
   metastatic tumors

  IH-stainings, TMAs,
   FISH and CISH

Lobular neoplasia
Early lobular neoplasia, LIN1
   (former ALH)
  LIN3 (former LCIS)
The newly established term lobular neoplasia refers to the entire spectrum of atypical epithelial proliferations originating in the terminal ducto-lobular unit.
LN constitutes a risk factor for subsequent development of invasive carcinoma. For this reason, the classical term lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) has been considered as a misnomer.

Histologically, the lobular architecture is maintained, but the acini are filled with monomorphic proliferation of loosely cohesive small cells,with uniform round nuclei and sparse cytoplasm. Mitoses are infrequent. By definition invasion is not alllwed, but pagetoid involvement of the terminal ducts (lobular cancerisation) is common.

A three tiered grading system (LIN1, LIN2, LIN3) has been proposed, based on degree of proliferation and cytological features.

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