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Research centers
Biomedical Informatics Research Group

HUCH Clinical Research Institute,
Helsinki, Finland.

Mikael Lundin,
Johan Lundin,
Juho Konsti 
Institute of Medical Technology,
University of Tampere

Centre for Laboratory Medicine,
TAYS, Tampere, Finland

Jorma Isola

primed.info is the main web site of the Biomedical Informatics Group. The Primed web servers hosting the WebMicroscope site are connected to the Funet University network.
The Clinical Research Institute HUCH specializes in providing administrative services needed for medical research.
Institute of Medical Technology is a research oriented institution and part of the University of Tampere.
Centre for laboratory medicine, Tampere University Hospital, is the organization under which the Department of Pathology is administered.
Contact information
Email:   contact@WebMicroscope.net