Simultaneous viewing of biopsies stained sequentially with H&E and AMACR/p63 immunostaining

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The aligned virtual slides are then ready for synchronized viewing.

Synchronized viewing means that two or more virtual slides are
viewed simultaneously on the screen, and when one VS is zoomed
or panned, exactly the same action is taken in the other VS.

The synchronized virtual slides can be viewed in three ways, by
pressing the corresponding buttons in the right margin:

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1) In the same viewing window, i.e. in separate layers with
   adjustable blending of the layers.

The layers are blended by dragging the slider in the right margin with the mouse.
Alternatively the Home / End keys can be pressed on the keyboard.
2a) Side-by-side, so that each VS is displayed in its own window.

2b) Side-by-side, but in a split window where the left half shows the H&E
virtual slide, and the right half of the window displays the IHC VS.

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