Simultaneous viewing of biopsies stained sequentially with H&E and AMACR/p63 immunostaining

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All 30 biopsies have been evaluated by an expert uropathologist. In each virtual slide, there is at least 1 region of interest (ROI) defined, showing diagnostically or educationally important findings.

These ROIs are initially hidden from the user, but can be revealed by clicking the "Show annotations" button in the right margin.


Pressing the "Show annotations" button reveals hyperlinks to the ROIs. By clicking a hyperlink, the viewing window is automatically zoomed to the ROI, and a corresponding expert annotation is displayed in the textbox in the right margin, below the hyperlinks.

For each slide, there is also an expert comment available.

The ROIs are indicated in the large viewing window and in the small overview window by blue circles. These can be turned on/off.

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